What does this 1.10.100 quality rating mean?

A Belgian reference laboratory created this quality index for natural care formulations: Copaïba.

This 1.10.100 quality rating is a valuable indication of the cosmetic quality you have in your hands. It reflects the percentage of really active ingredients (Inci) as certified by the control bodies. Vegetable oils, butter, vitamins, polysaccharides, hydrolats, anti-ageing active ingredients, preservatives: Each ingredient in cosmetics’ composition is given a score according to its percentage, importance, and bioactivity recognised by the certifying body.

The addition of the individual scores obtained for each of the components results in a number that will be high in the case of a quality product.

Maison Éole is distinguished by its line of anti-ageing cosmetics, which reach values qualified as exceptional and higher than 250. The selection of high-quality ingredients of natural origin and the high concentration of the antioxidant agent, Wine Extracts3, make Maison Éole cosmetics high-value beauty products, respectful of the environment and the health of your skin.

Why creating this 1.10.100 quality score?

Beyond the labels guaranteeing the content of natural ingredients or the vegan character, the list of ingredients alone is not enough to assure the consumer that the cosmetic he has chosen is sufficiently concentrated in active ingredients. Moreover, how can they know whether the active ingredient mentioned in the list is suitable for the intended application? Will it fulfil its promise of moisturising the body? Will it reduce blemishes under the eyes?

We would add that some natural ingredients have different activities for the same concentration. For example, an essential oil is remarkably more active than a vegetable oil. A small amount of essential oil is sufficient to provide the desired properties of a skincare product.

It was, therefore, necessary to clarify matters for the benefit of the consumer so that he could make an informed choice in his care process on a tangible and transparent basis.

The 1.10.100 quality rating reflects all their needs through a reliable and certified evaluation procedure, enabling the consumer to identify at a glance the quality of the product they have chosen. The value on the packaging makes it easy to compare with other products from other manufacturers, provided they are honest enough to publish it.

With the 1.10.100 quality rating, you can be sure that you are buying the right product for the proper application

The calculation method thus established focuses on the concentration of active ingredients rather than on their presence in the bottle alone.

This calculation also takes into account all the ingredients in the same bottle. Indeed, whether it is a day cream, a cleansing milk, an anti-wrinkle serum, or a body balm, you know that cosmetics are a complex mixture of active ingredients. So, in addition to the concentration of the individual active ingredients, they must also consider their combination.

Finally, the active ingredients for the beard may not be relevant for use on the skin. The suitability of the active ingredient for the intended application is also considered in the calculation of the index.

You got it! The quality rating quickly becomes a significant advantage for you consumers, who are ever more demanding when choosing your cosmetic products. And we prove you right!

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