What are antioxidants, and how do they work?

Antioxidants are molecules that generally come from the plant world. They are particularly active, trapping free radicals generated by pollution or prolonged exposure to the sun.

The most famous are vitamin C and vitamin E (tocopherol), which act in a targeted way against free radicals. This range is now completed by other even more effective active ingredients belonging to the polyphenol family.

These compounds trap excess free radicals to prevent their adverse effects on skin ageing and our health in general. Their actions help to reduce the appearance of age-related imperfections such as wrinkles, pigment disorders and loss of elasticity.

Antioxidant skincare, essential for slowing down the ageing of the skin

To slow down skin ageing linked to oxidative stress, moisturise your skin and use antioxidants. It is necessary to choose your cosmetics according to your skin type while paying attention to the quality of the formulation for an optimal result. The aim is to provide your skin with barrier molecules that minimise the oxidation of your cells.

Choose antioxidant skincare products that combine high-quality natural products and deep moisturizers with anti-ageing active ingredients in sufficient concentration for a visible result.

Maison Éole cosmetics rely on the unparalleled antioxidant power of Wine Extracts3, a three-ring polyphenol derived from the vine shoots. It is formulated with high-quality vegetable oils and natural ingredients. Applied as part of your beauty routine, the antioxidant care products provide long-lasting anti-ageing protection for your skin as well as deep hydration. Their formulation is carefully studied to favour the assimilation of this active ingredient from the vine and ensure their stability over time.

Redensify the skin with antioxidant care

The firmness and elasticity of our skin are linked to the presence of elastin, collagen, and hyaluronic acid, proteins produced by the dermis cells. With age, their production naturally decreases so that the skin loses its firmness. The first fine lines appear. This ageing process is accentuated by pollution, smoking, and UV rays, which accelerate the ageing process and skin slackening.

Maison Éole offers you a range of cosmetics based on highly characterized ingredients. The seed oil, naturally enriched with polyphenols, stabilizes the hyaluronic acid molecules, guaranteeing the skin’s hydration.

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