More about Maison Éole

Our values

The only value which we accept is one which is dear to us
— Anne-Sophie Charle

  • Excellence for those we love.
  • Authenticity rooted in the earth of our childhood.
  • Emotions which carry us away.
  • Distinctiveness that makes us unique.
  • Belgian ‘savoir-faire’ which we nurture.

The brand

The first belgian range of cosmetics produced from grapes

Maison Éole is the leading Belgian range of cosmetics produced from grapes. It was by drawing on the resources of Chant d’Éole, a vineyard which has stood out by winning numerous prizes for its quality, that Maison Éole was born. Maison Éole offers products of excellence by putting at the core of its priorities innovative, active elements taken from our vines.

It wishes to put quality and the pleasure of beauty into our daily lives.

The quest for innovation, uniqueness and authenticity places it at the centre of Belgian ‘savoir-faire’ at its best.

Maison Éole is environmentally responsible and puts naturalness at the heart of its innovation process. Including its remarkable packaging: each pack becomes a collector’s item, something to cherish and use every day.

Maison Éole is firmly linked to our time in promoting products which meet your needs.

Maison Éole offers a range of cosmetics and perfume for Her, for Him and for both Her and Him – so as to share well-being.

Maison Éole is a generous brand waiting to be discovered and savoured

Our story

The first belgian range of cosmetics produced from grapes

Maison Éole is the story of a woman who decided to change her life in order to pursue her passion. It is the story of a vineyard, namely the Domaine du Chant d’Éole, which wishes to share all the fruits of its land to provide us with a novel product in Belgium.

Anne-Sophie Charle was 44 years old when she decided to change course professionally following a career as a public manager. The daughter of a pharmacist, she has always been immersed in the area of dermocosmetics. Displaying a passion for the life of the vineyard of her husband Hubert Ewbank de Wespin and her in-laws, this committed woman who loves a challenge wanted to foster the treasures of the vineyard.

She decided to give her all to pursue her dream: to create the leading range of cosmetics made from Belgian vines, with the ambition of producing a premium range and of highlighting the ‘savoir-faire’ of her country.

An inspiring encounter with the designer Charles Kaisin served to endorse her vision with its authenticity, poetry and sense of discovery.

They decided to write new pages in the history of Maison Éole with Charles Kaisin becoming artistic director.

Our main active ingredients

Discover our exclusive Wine extracts³ concept

While guaranteeing “Natural Certified” and Vegan formulations, Maison Éole has developed an exclusive concept: Wine extracts3.

With its innovative and novel composition of active ingredients drawn from vine stalks, Wine extracts3 ensure the highest antioxidant activity yet found in cosmetics.

It enriches your skin with natural polyphenols which are powerful captors of free radicals, helping the skin to regenerate thoroughly.

Through the combination of beta glucans and amino acids gathered from wine sediment with the richness of grapeseed oil, Maison ´Éole is an ode to nature.

Each formula has its own identity, becoming a product named Volupté, Sérénité, Simplicité, Intensité, Enveloppé… so many ‘E’s which support and sublimate the skin!




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