Antioxidants, the key against skin ageing

It is a fact, our skin ages, and this is quite natural. But beyond the natural ageing of the skin, certain oxidising factors encourage the appearance of spots, accelerate the loss of elasticity, and form wrinkles and fine lines. Defined as oxidative stress, these external factors are mainly pollution and exposure to ultraviolet rays. The latter causes the formation of the famous free radicals, which are responsible for altering our cells and the decrease in collagen production.

Polyphenols, molecules mainly extracted from the plant world, have been used for decades as free radical scavengers. Their action leads to an improvement in the quality of the skin. Today, skincare creams and serums are enriched with green tea, resveratrol (a molecule extracted from grapes), or flavonoids.

Maison Éole is revolutionising the world of cosmetics with a new formulation composed of a polyphenol with three cycles, Wine Extracts3.

Wine Extracts3, a unique antioxidant power derived from vine shoots

Wine Extracts3, Maison Éole’s flagship ingredient, is a natural three-cycle polyphenol that differs from traditional polyphenols in that it has 5 times the antioxidant power. Backed by research, Wine Extracts3 captures 100% of free radicals for optimal protection of your skin. These results are far superior to those obtained by vitamin C or vitamin E (tocopherol), antioxidants commonly used in cosmetics.

Wine Extracts3 is dark brown in its pure state and gives Maison Éole cosmetics a pleasant pinkish-brown colour.

Wine Extracts3, a powerful anti-inflammatory for the skin

As you know, UV rays are one of the principal oxidative stresses on our skin. But here, too, Wine Extracts3 shows its full potential by inhibiting the inflammatory reactions linked to UV exposure. The youthfulness of your skin is thus assured.

The multiple benefits of Wine Extracts3 for your skin

This natural active ingredient from the vine is a versatile active ingredient that, when applied topically, protects your skin against premature ageing, captures free radicals, and prevents inflammatory reactions.

Labelled Natural Certified and 100% vegan, Maison Éole’s original skincare products are highly enriched with Wine Extracts3 to prevent and treat the signs of aging while respecting your skin.

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