Shower oils are moisturising; let it be said!

Our skin is a natural physical barrier that protects our body from various external aggressions. Composed of lipids and keratin, it prevents natural dehydration and protects us from bacterial infections. To maintain its protective functions, it must be cared for properly.

Quality shower oils are made from plant oils such as grape seed oil, sweet almond oil, or argan oil. Their silky texture is suitable for all seasons to provide you with moisture and softness.

Why do they do this? Because they leave a protective greasy film on your skin. They prevent your skin from drying out and preserve its natural moisture over the long term. They are particularly attractive for sensitive skin, which external elements or industrial washing solutions have already attacked. These oils are becoming essential bathroom cosmetics for clean, moisturised, and soothed skin.

What we don’t tell you about traditional shower gels

What we don’t tell you about traditional shower gels

In the bath or shower, industrial washing gels and soaps have become part of our bathroom routine in the morning. However, sensitive skin will have noticed feelings of tightness, dryness, or even irritation. The culprits? The industrial surfactants used in these formulations! These foaming and degreasing compounds are the cause of irritation or allergic reactions in many cases. They stick to the skin, even after rinsing, causing redness and itching.

However, it is impossible to ignore bathing because the health of our skin depends on regular cleansing to preserve its barrier qualities.

Shower oil, made exclusively from natural plant oils, is an attractive alternative approved by dermatologists. Not only does it leave a protective hydrolipidic film on the skin that preserves its natural moisture, but it also cleanses and disinfects.

You’ll find these benefits in Enivré Shower Oil Concentrate.

Do shower oils make the skin greasy?

Do shower oils make the skin greasy?

No, shower oils do not make the skin greasy. That is a preconceived idea that we sweep away with water jets. When it comes into contact with water, the Enivré Shower Oil Concentrate transforms into a nourishing milk that exhales its fragrance. When rinsed off, the cleanser washes away, leaving your skin soft, fragrant, and nourished.

You can jump into your jeans and put on your shirts without worrying about stains on your clothes.

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