What is a serum, and why use it?

Serums are a great addition to the daily skincare routine, and for a good reason. Serums are concentrates of active ingredients designed to penetrate the skin quickly and deliver a high dose of active ingredients within a minute. Whether it’s treating puffiness, dark circles, pigmentation spots or fine lines and wrinkles, serums work immediately and better than an espresso to boost the radiance of your face.

Most serums developed by cosmetic laboratories are designed to combat skin ageing in targeted areas. The eye contour, the mouth contour or the frown lines, the objective is to restore the radiance of your face and give it a rejuvenating treatment.

Serums are generally available in small bottles. Their high concentration of active ingredients makes it easier to apply in small quantities. You will find water-based or oil-based serums depending on the desired texture.

At Maison Eole, our serums are mainly oil-based for enhanced effectiveness.

What is the difference between a serum and a day or night cream?

That’s an interesting question. You might think that a serum is self-sufficient and that there is no need to apply a day or night cream. However, face serums and skin care creams are different products with specific actions.

The serum is used before applying your day or night cream. The skin’s rapid penetration of the serum prepares the epidermis to receive your moisturiser or anti-ageing cream. Treatment creams are less concentrated and are formulated differently from serums. They are used to reinforce your skin’s hydrolipidic barrier and prolong the effects of the treatment over time. Thus, a serum will never be a moisturiser.

Serums and creams are, therefore, complementary. But not only! They also reinforce each other’s actions for greater effectiveness daily.

Dermatologists recommend using skin care products from the same brand for obvious reasons: serums are targeted skin care products, and brands develop products that work in perfect synergy for optimal results. That is what we are all looking for.

Maison Eole is part of this dynamic for your anti-ageing care. The Sublimé and Éternité serums and creams are designed to work together to combat the signs of skin ageing. Pockets, wrinkles and fine lines, brown spots, the formulations are designed to deliver the active ingredients and prolong their effects.

What are the main ingredients of serums ?

The main ingredients of serums vary according to their purpose.

Anti-ageing serums are mainly enriched with active ingredients such as vitamin C, vitamin E and ferulic acid. Combined, these active ingredients demonstrate their effectiveness. In particular, vitamin C has the ability to prevent the formation of brown spots on the skin, reverse the damage created by ultraviolet rays, and stimulate the growth of collagen.

Anti-ageing face serum by Maison eole

In this fight against skin ageing, you will also find anti-ageing serums enriched with antioxidants. Molecules known to capture free radicals, the source of your skin’s woes. In particular, polyphenols, such as green tea extracts, resveratrol or Wine Extracts3, the Maison Eole’s powerful antioxidant derived from vine shoots.

The anti-ageing face serum; a significant ally in the fight against ageing !

The anti-ageing face serum is an essential ally in the fight against the first signs of ageing. It releases local shots of antioxidant molecules to fill in wrinkles and fine lines, reduce puffiness, limit and attenuate pigmentation spots, and even out your complexion.

You should also know that these products are not reserved for people of mature age, quite the contrary! Anti-ageing products appeal to an increasingly young public determined to delay the ageing process, both on their face and the rest of their body. This public, composed of women but also men, is careful in choosing these products, and not only for their appearance. A large number of them are moving towards natural and environmentally friendly products.

Maison Eole has made this collective awareness its philosophy to offer a range of natural anti-ageing products (Natural Certified) with a low carbon footprint through a careful choice of packaging and the origin of the ingredients.

How to apply an anti-ageing face serum?

Anti-ageing face serum in your daily routine

At Maison Eole, we are careful to offer serums suitable for daily use without a “greasy” effect and always compatible with day and night creams.

Finally, the best way to observe the benefits of a serum on your skin is still to test it.