Elastin, the skin stretching protein

Elastin puts our skin back in place after a contraction or a stretch. Because we move around all day, our skin is subject to multiple deformations. Without elastin, it would lose its structure. Although elastin is thousand times more extensible, it collaborates with collagen, another structural protein found in skin tissue.

Elastin is present at a rate of 2 to 3% in our bodies. However, skin cells decrease their production over time, contributing to the appearance of the first signs of ageing, such as sagging. This effect is accentuated by exposure to the sun without sunscreen or by pollution.

To make up for this deficit, cosmetics offer various solutions to firm up the skin of the face.

A balanced diet rich in vitamins and antioxidants

Health comes from the plate and that of the skin too. Certain foods promote the production of collagen, the predominant protein in the dermis. In particular, vitamin C.

At the same time, reduce your consumption of sugars, which promote free radicals, and enjoy foods rich in antioxidants. All kinds of berries, oranges, broccoli, or dried fruit are all “snacks” to be eaten without moderation daily.

Moisturising the skin boosts its elasticity

It is worth repeating: moisturising the skin is crucial to avoid dry skin and to restore its tone.

Applying a moisturising cream enriched with vitamins and antioxidants promotes cell renewal, swells hyaluronic acid in the dermis, and maintains collagen. A simple solution to plump up your cheeks and eye contours.

Antioxidants to help skin elasticity

In addition to the skin’s natural ageing, you know that lack of sleep, exposure to the sun’s UV rays, or smoking contribute to the loss of skin elasticity. To regain the oval of the face and smooth the features, using creams enriched with antioxidants is the basic armada to reduce the impact of these external aggressions.

Maison Éole’s cosmetics are highly moisturizing and enriched with the antioxidant Wine Extracts3, a natural three-cycle polyphenol extracted from the vine’s shoots.

Its unique use in cosmetics protects your skin to fight wrinkles more effectively. Your skin is perfectly hydrated and protected against free radicals. Applied in the morning or evening as part of your beauty routine, Maison Éole’s cosmetics protect the skin from premature sagging while encouraging cellular activity.

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