What is skin’s pH?

Our skin is characterised by a pH of 5.5. In other words, its surface is slightly acidic. But what is the pH?

The pH is the hydrogen potential of a solution. It is a scale ranging from 0 to 14 and measures the acidity or alkalinity of the solution. The pH is neutral when it is 7. Below this value, the solution is said to be acidic, above it alkaline.

A pH value also characterises the skin. In adults, this value is 5.5, but it can vary depending on the body part. For example, the hands, face, or chest, which are more exposed than other body parts, may have a higher pH.

External factors that can alter this pH are tap water, antibacterial products, air pollution, detergents, sweat, too much sun exposure, but also cosmetics or soaps. That is not without consequences for our skin. Hence the importance of choosing your skincare products carefully.

The consequences of a pH above 5 on our skin

In addition to the above-mentioned external factors, many soaps or washing products increase the skin’s pH. This increase in pH can reduce the protective actions of the skin. Indeed, the use of cosmetics with a higher pH alters our skin’s barrier and antibacterial properties.

Why does this happen? Because an alkaline pH induces a destructuring of the skin cells and dissolution of the sebum, a hydrolipidic film produced by the sebaceous glands. This film not only prevents dehydration but also selects the micro-organisms that take part in our skin flora, in other words, the bacteria that keep our skin healthy.

As you can see, an imbalance in skin pH affects the health of your skin, leading to a weakening of the immune system, dehydration and irritation.

How to regulate the skin’s pH?

Good skincare practices and choosing quality cosmetics for clean, hydrated, exfoliated, and toned skin.

Moisturising the skin

The benefits of well-moisturised skin are far greater than you might think. Moisturising our skin with a day cream or night cream maintains an optimal hydration level, guaranteeing its suppleness and elasticity.

Conversely, a lack of hydration leads to a loss of elasticity, feelings of tightness, the appearance of areas of skin dryness, redness, spots, and even chapping.

Dermatologists recommend cosmetics enriched with oily elements that leave a protective, slightly oily film on your skin.

Exfoliate the skin

Clearing your skin of dead skin cells and other debris with gentle exfoliants is good for your skin’s balance. This routine practice cleanses the skin, especially when the cosmetic is enriched with natural plant oils.

Maison Eole antioxidant cosmetics formulated for a pH of 5

Maison Eole offers formulations with a pH of 5 for a well-protected skin, armed against external attacks. Maison Éole has been awarded the Natural Certified label and has developed quality cosmetics composed of natural plant oils selected for their exceptional properties and active antioxidant ingredients derived from vine shoots. These carefully formulated products will deeply moisturize the skin of your body and face while respecting your dermis.

Your skin is soft, moisturised, and protected.

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